The best Blogs in Spanish

And is not for less, also in Spain affordable seo services, and the Spanish-speaking area in general, gradually a blogosphere with very high quality sites that often even comfortably exceed traditional media on the same topic has been consolidated.

Exciting, Marcos… be poured each day less, better SEO in Spain. And with all these precious words that you’ve collected here, or so many large and beautiful memories that you you list, or with this keyword stuffing so much hated (haha)… I hope you’re agree that there is nothing that can demonstrate far how big he, the best SEO of Spain was.

Great SEO and a better person. Many in these parts of the Internet you miss. Not I met him in person how you unfortunately, but if by Twitter, Google Plus and also by email. Always broadcast much strength and joy to any thing that was, the work which made for the IEBS was really awesome, I knew neither the school before the were, also blogged saw it everywhere, large was Eduardo.

The truth is that my also touched me replace IEBS Edu, and… but I have not had the pleasure to speak in person never with him, if it is true that I followed him on his blog and social networks. Without a doubt, it is the best SEO of Spain.

Mark, thank you very much for your words and for everything you’re doing, be in good faith and I can feel what hurts the memory of Edu, I see everyone happens to us the same thing, it is difficult to write about it because there are no words to describe his way of being, thinking and treat others.…

6 tips for getting a credit Personal – idealistic

With the Univision MasterCard prepaid card, your money is safe and protected by the policy of zero liability from MasterCard if your card is lost stolen you it, your money is safe. Just call us and in almost all cases, Univision will replace your money and card. In addition, you will have a secure PIN code to obtain cash at ATMs.

This week I have become to enact another fine with e-Park and my ticket. This time the Controller introduced evil tuition of bad credit contract phones my car and obviously told him that my ticket was not in force. Again, photo to my mobile and withdrawal of the fine. I hope that I will not.

A user makes me a comment to this post tells me that EysaMobile announces that it has application for Windows Phone and after charging 10 euros on the website, not can download the application because it does not exist. As I answered Tweet in @pilartrucios and @eysamobile.

Yesterday put me a fine with e-park because I spent the hour that should renew the ticket. He was finishing give a Conference. Annular fine was very easy with the application. “I hit make payment”, cancellation of complaint “and there I found the fine that could cancel for € 4. But I realized that I had spent time in which could override it (21:03 minutes). They were already 21:10. Even so I tried it and I could cancel it, which found me strange. I checked in movements”that the complaint it was cancelled and when I got to the car I found the paper which said the complaint was voidable until 21:12.

Once again, the application of e-park gives me surprises, in this case positive. Not as to a friend, who not has been able to cancel two fines with EysaMobile by system failure and has had to go to the parking meter to hurry and running.…

Mobile traffic in e-commerce is already Superior to the Desktop

The great drama of the media is that they should devote ever more resources to mobile production, since most of their readers comes from this platform, but revenues obtained in it are not proportional to expenditure. Of the 25 sites that record the highest digital traffic, 19 already have a mobile traffic over the computer.

In Spain the percentages are even higher: 98% of mobile data traffic was ‘smart’ and prospects of Cisco passed to reach 100% in 2019. They are data, on the other hand, in line with the latter providing other studies, for example that of the information society in Spain 2014, edited by telephone with data from different reports, and which was recently in our country eight of every ten phones are smarter. Not to mention the high adoption of tablets, laptops and other applications machine-to-machine.

The authors of the study of Cisco also dare to predict when will prevail at last, technology 4G which is both taking to penetrate, especially in Spain by the problem with radio spectrum licenses, some licenses that required operators and who maintained a time Freeview channels. According to the report, in 2014, 4G technology exceeded 11% of the total number of mobile connections in Spain and the forecasts are to occupy a major place in 2019 (37.6% versus 34.9% of connections coming even from 3G technology). The technology 3G, which is currently the most widely used to connect to the Internet from mobile phones, surpassed the 2G in 2013.

Global forecasts are as follows: 3G will surpass 2G technology of mobile connection in 2017 and 2019 for 3G networks will support 44% of all devices and mobile connections globally, while the 4G will support 26% (although generated 68% of traffic), the 2G 22% and LPWA networks (Low Power Wide Area networks) 8%.

The rise of mobility will continue rising in the coming years. According to the report, in Spain there will be 42 million mobile users in 2019 (88% of the population) compared to 40.5 million in 2014. Globally within four years will be targeted traffic 5,200 million of mobile users (from the 4.3 billion recorded in 2014). Thus, while in 2014, nearly 59% of the world population (7.2 billion people) were mobile users, by 2019 this figure will reach 69% of the population.…

Weight training

Hippocrates explained for the first time what it was with weight training when he wrote “that uses this develops, and who does not use it is wasting its time”. Progressive resistance training dates minimally from the ancient Greece, legendary characters as the wrestler Milo of Croton trained carrying a calf, newborn baby on his back every day until it grew, following the principle of overload. Another Greek, the physician Galen, described strength training using halteras, an ancient form of dumbbells.

As in other types of training to develop a greater capacity for strength, in the one done with weights the fundamental principle is based on organize and execute different sets of reps (which indicate the percentage of muscular effort to perform) according to each objective, as well as the (s) area (s) muscle (s) to develop.

To work areas, ideally training sessions should be divided into routines training plans, which include a proper warm-up (based on rotation exercises joint, cardiovascular activation and stretching), as well as exercise monoarticular (known as isolation of specific muscle groups) of muscles agonists and antagonists as well as stabilizers, such as the abdomen and area muscles lower lumbar back; (an example of three sessions per week, would be: miercoles-pecho and biceps; jueves-espalda and triceps; viernes-pierna and shoulder), as well as a return to calm through a proper cooling session.

This cyclical division of muscle work okay for basic training, but in other sports as the powerlifting should be trained with an emphasis on the basic exercises polyarticular (called compounds with participation of the various muscle groups) such as the squat, bench press and deadlift with lifts).

Repeats the movement several times, as it is established in the training plan/routine. Following a number of series and repetitions, with a weight and a rate of best dumbbells

3rd Conference Oil & Gas Peru 2015

The hydrocarbon industryBusiness Gas Rates is currently the main source of global energy and the Peru is no stranger to the panorama of this important business. However, on the way to their development, some obstacles that hinder the task of companies and authorities are appreciated. They should focus on changes of their strategic and political models to reverse the current scenario of the hydrocarbons sector: drop in the price of oil, social conflicts. delay in proceedings, among others.

Internationally, he has advocated for Europe to explore the problem of Russian gas crossing Ukraine to reinforce their supply networks for other territories, and so it has relied on the Midcat pipeline, which must connect Spain with France through Catalonia with a capacity of 7bcm: “Going to be a reality, not fast because in Europe things are slow”.

It is in this sector of refining where TR is able to perform the basic engineering of processes both licensed as their own, thanks to the knowledge acquired and developed during 46 years by a Department of processes formed today by nearly 200 professionals.

Promotion valid from September 1 to December 31, 2014 and Peninsular area, for new contracts of Gas propane CEPSA bulk deposits. On a monthly basis, the new high of customers will be collected and once validated data and the consumer, shall be dealt with direct delivery of the Tablet in the direction of the customer on behalf of the holder of the contract.

Promotion valid from 1 September to 31 December 2014 and Peninsular area, for new policies of bottles of Gas propane CEPSA of 11 Kg. To participate in the promotion and consult legal bases of the draw, it is necessary to register and have made policy and consumption within the prescribed period and be billed customer. The draw will be notarized on January 15, 2015. Not combinable with other offers from CEPSA Gas products.…